Video: Behind the hack: We show how easily your business can be hacked

Watch as a certified ethical hacker breaks into 3 computers in just minutes

A certified ethical hacker walks you through the process of breaking into three computers in just minutes. With automated tools, hackers are targeting all businesses at any time to steal data or hold it for ransom.

Watch this educational video and learn where your business is most vulnerable so that you can take precautionary measures against these vulnerabilities before they're exploited by cybercriminals!

We asked a certified ethical hacker to break into three computers using different types of attack. He filmed it from both ends – as the hacker, and what was happening on his victims’ machines.

What you’re about to see is rarely captured on video…

In this first attack, our ethical hacker encrypts all of your data, until you pay a huge ransom to get it back.

In this second attack, our ethical hacker uses a fake login portal to get you to give away your login details.

And in this final attack, our hacker reveals why it’s so important to always keep your software and operating system fully-up-to-date.

These videos are a wake-up call to the reality of what can happen if we don't do anything. We see these consequences at home, every day.

Three questions:

  1. Do you now realize how easy it is for a determined hacker to get into your IT systems? You should be aware of this!
  2. Does your business have the right blend of software, staff training and processes to protect you from all that can go wrong?
  3. How can you refuse? I'll take a peek and give you my feedback.