Why Choose Rx-IT for Your MSP, IT Services Provider

1. Predictable and scalable spending - you won't have to worry about operational costs suddenly skyrocketing
2. Faster response time - get help with issues before they turn into full-blown disasters
3. Expertise and experience - leave the hard stuff to the experts and focus on your business
4. Proactive monitoring and issue fixing - we'll keep an eye on things so you don't have to, and fix any problems before they cause damage
  • Yvonne Norman--  Rx-IT is more than just a managed IT services partner....I consider them to be staff members. I can't say enough good things about their customer service and I'm sure everyone in my organization would say the same. They have been part of the team for over 15 years...which speaks for itself! Working with them has been great.
  • Lisa Vaughn--  RX-IT has provided tech support for our organization for many years. They are consistently friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. We truly have enjoyed getting to know their staff and know that they care about providing prompt quality service whenever we need it. Highly recommend!
Jamelia Hampton--  RX-IT is a premier IT service who has supported the needs of my organization for years. Their staff is superb providing support for our steadily growing programs. Whether it’s through their on-site technicians or their support desk staff, they are always fast with solutions.
Renee Dixon--  RX-IT has an amazing team. I am impressed with their responsiveness, integrity, and technical expertise. Their customer service, honesty, and expertise set them apart from other vendors. Wonderful experience working with the team. I don't know what our organization would do without them.
Leslie Tritscher--  After having a career in the Investment Industry for so long, I started a new job with a Mortgage/Refinance Broker - One of the best. Learning a new system and set up was challenging. The help that Rx gave me through the whole process was invaluable.
Julie Wilkie--  Our business has been using RX-IT for over 12 years. They are ALWAYS responsive in a timely manner and ALWAYS fix the issue. They are proactive in keeping the cyber criminals away. In addition, they are very pleasant to work with! I give them my highest recommendation.
Colette Brissett--  Hiring RX-IT was the best decision our Company (NABE) made. They are extremely knowledgeable and quickly solve our IT issues. Highly recommend them. They take excellent care of us. Love there service, not to mention, they are patient and go the extra mile!
LeVar Jones--  Rx-IT is a great company that provides the personal touch with their technical expertise! All of the team members are cool to work with and I always feel like I learn something when they’re done. They’re super responsive and always provide exceptional service.
Group of Thirty--  As a small organization, the assistance provided by Rx-IT is indispensable. They respond quickly and efficiently to any technological emergencies, have knowledgeable and friendly on-site staff, and ensure we are up to date on equipment.
Paul Defngin--  RX-IT is our company's IT services partner. Their team is top-notch. They are always accessible whenever I need them. There have been times that I have needed them late at night, on the weekend, and they always have someone available.
Richard England--  For the last 7 years I have been working in collaboration with RX-IT at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. The company & employees are by far the most helpful and understanding team to work with.
Larry Finkelberg--  RX-IT has been our IT partner for about five years now and we couldn't be happier. The support team is always accessible, friendly and knowledgeable. It's been a great partnership
Dorothy And Steve Atkins--  Rx-IT is a wonderful, professional and easy to work with, IT company. They are very prompt in service requests. Our tech is amazing, efficient and is always able to fix any issue that arises. They take the stress out of managing all IT issues.
Curt Shiflett--  Can't say enough about our experience with RX. Great service, and even willing to try and help our users with questions that should probably be directed elsewhere. Roeddel is a dream to work with and always responsive and available when needed. RX has easily been my best experience with "the IT guy", externally or otherwise.
Ann Mills--  Rx-IT is amazing. They always respond quickly to my inquiries and solve my IT problems right away. Their professional and friendly manner along with their competence gives our office great confidence that we're in excellent hands.
Tom Beers--  The Rx-IT team is incredibly knowledgeable, reliable and responsive. When we need help, we get it! Generally within a matter a minutes, not hours or days. We are a small group, but we feel like we have our own IT department thanks to Rx-IT. In short, Rx-IT keeps us working. Highly recommend!
Steve Dorfman--  After suffering through too many years with a subpar provider, we moved to Rx-IT and it's proved to be a great choice for our team of 160.
Yolanda Payton--  Always, on time and ready to resolve any challenges. The Rx-IT team breaks its tech language down for better understanding. It's like a quick mini education.
Customer service is always on point, very patient and every now and then you get a good joke. The Rx-IT service and support team is awesome.
Michael Mahrer--  RX-IT is truly more than just a vendor, they are a partner we can rely on! I work for a non-profit that helps over a thousand adults learn English every year. When the pandemic hit and we had to pivot or classes from in-person to virtual, the process was seamless.
Angie Georgilas--  Roeddel Dioquino has been such an amazing help with RX-IT! I received a new laptop and he made sure everything was as I needed it to be from my old one to my new one so that I didn't miss a step. RX-IT customer service also helped me ensure … More
Theresa Johnson--  We have worked with them for almost three (3) years now. There is always a quick response time from Mae (Account Manager) and she has so much patience with our request, no matter how big or small. Our most recent project, we worked with … More
Alison Chandler--  I've dealt with a lot of IT support people at different companies and all of Rx-IT's people are just awesome! You may remember an SNL skit from a long time ago "your company's computer guy" and that dude would talk down to people  -- Rx-IT doesn't do that.
Donna Ross--  Our firm has worked with Rx-IT for years and we couldn't ask for better support. They are quick to respond to our requests and won't quit until the issue is resolved. Always friendly and ready to help!
Eric Gates--  3.5 years ago, we were in a dysfunctional relationship with our outsourced IT provider. We were growing and they couldn’t keep up. They were not doing a good job overall and our employees were fed up. We started a search for a new MSP … More
Kirsta Weber--  Rx-IT has consistently provided great customer support and service. They are prompt with assistance in resolving issues and fulfilling requests. I am very satisfied with the service they provide for our company.
Jeffrey Sventek--  Our nonprofit association has been with RX-IT for nearly 20 years and they have always provided us with great support. Roeddel is my go-to person for issues that need to be resolved quickly and correctly.
Jimmy Works--  Rx-IT is a highly responsive, flexible, and high performing IT support team. Our organization has worked with the Rx-IT team for almost a decade and we are extremely satisfied with the services that we receive. Highly Recommended!!!!!!
Roopal Saran--  We work with Bill, Roeddel, Beca, and Mae at Rx-IT. They are friendly, patient, prompt, attentive and always go above and beyond! They give us advice on how to keep our equipment up to date and running smoothly while keeping costs down.
Martin Diggs--  If I could give a 5 Star Plus review to any company RX-IT would be that company. I enjoy having conversations With Rebecca, Mae and Roeddel(See I know their names). Their knowledge and customer service has been outstanding. I look forward to continuing having RX-IT as our vender forever!
Cheryl Donohue--  The support we receive from Rx-IT is invaluable. As interior designers we work long hours, often into the late hours of the night. When something isn't working properly and we are meeting with clients the next day, Rx-IT help desk is a Godsend! Couldn't do it without them.
Philippe Taborda--  The whole team at Rx-IT is a great group to work with. Issues are addressed and resolved quickly. Roeddel specifically, their CIO, is the best you can find, and has always been a pleasure to interact with.
Bridget Walker--  My experience with Rx-IT speaks to customer service at a level which manifest as personalized. Their customer service at tech level is peppered with satisfaction and a bit of coaching. I always feel empowered to “try to fix it myself the next time”. Always professional and friendly!
Judy Moore--  The On-site service technician has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. They are very responsive when we need support and take the time to explain what is happening and what they are doing to correct the problem. They are friendly, responsive, and understand our needs.
Andrew Kirkland--  For over ten years RX-IT has served many of my clients. They are the best service in town. I would recommend Rx-IT to any business who is in need of IT services.
Del Voss--  The team at Rx-IT has worked with our small business for over 20 years. We trust and depend on them in more ways than I can describe. They are a strategic partner as well, giving us valuable advise.
Ivan Marte--  I love working with RX-IT they are extremely professional, highly knowledgeable and easy to work with, anytime I have an issue that I can't resolve I can always depend on Shaun and Andrew keep up the great work.
Susann Callahan--  Rx-IT is the most responsive IT service & support company! They are always professional and courteous- in addition to be experts in their field. Our law office runs smoothly because we have Beca, Mae and Roeddel just an email or phone call away. They follow through on every question no matter how small. Thank you, Rx-IT!
Mo Moore--  For more than 14years I've been using Rx-It with everything computer related to new phone installations. Tech Support is awesome! Highly recommend this company.
Adrian McShane--  Rx-IT - IT Service and IT Support have been awesome for my company. They are fast and reliable. They always provide great customer service and the staff is amazing.
Sandi Glass--  RX-IT is very quick to respond to any technical issues we have. They even followed up to make sure the issue was resolved (it wasn't because I had not had time to follow up with them). Correcting the issue even after business hours!
Brandon Williams--  I have personally witnessed first hand the excellent customer service and expertise of Mrs. Receba Carpenter and her team in Information Technology! I highly recommend them to any establishment and thank her for the many years of service at our Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington organization
Amy Smith--  In a world full of "did you try turning it off and turning it back on" it's refreshing when I call and get helpful answers that don't make me feel dumb...and when it comes to IT, I'm really dumb. I love knowing RX-IT has my back and can help with any problem I have quickly and efficiently!
Gabrielle Webster--  RX-IT has been our technology partner for over 10 years. They provide quality service and are reliable, knowledgeable and prompt.
Harry Prom-  RX-IT RX-IT RX-IT. I am grateful to have this team partner with our organization to resolve/troubleshoot/fulfill our requests. Very responsive and timely, great team of people.
Craig Strent--  We use annual employee surveys to uncover pain points among our team. IT support was a consistent sore topic for years, then we switched to RX-IT and the problem went away.
Gisela Rios--  Rx-IT service & support rocks! They are reliable, knowledgeable and efficient. Beca, Rx-IT is very lucky to have you and we are very lucky to have Rx-IT!👏
Bonita Tindley--  It’s an absolute pleasure to have a company service your IT needs be as professional, prompt, and customer friendly as Rx-IT! They are a 5 star company!! They have served our needs for over 5+ years with the 100% professionalism!
Lisa Clemons--  RX-IT provides great customer service, they respond quickly to service request. They are reliable and dependable. I Love Becca and Mae they ROCK⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Becky--  Becca is always very helpful. She comes and does everything we need done in a timely manner. She also is very good at explaining things that are going on with our computers. The best part is she comes really quickly when we call. We don't have to wait days for someone to get back to us.
Terri Johnson--  I don't know where I or my organization would be without the professional, competent services of Rx-IT. We've been working with them for years and they are always responsive, friendly and more importantly, great at what they do!
The Social Prose, LLC--  Always available quickly to assist with my IT needs. Thank you for helping me and being a resource I can always count on to get things figured out so I can work and get things done!! Appreciate you! Thank you Roeddel and his team!!
Harold Cruz--  I will recommend RX-IT to any company looking for a Managed IT Service company, staff is very friendly and they take the time to explain the process, I had the pleasure of working with Shaun who went above and beyond i am very happy.
Jeff DiMeglio--  RX-It is a great company. They treat our non-profit organization right, are always quick to respond, and know what they are doing!
Antonio Jenkins--  Rx-IT has been serving my organization for as long as I’ve been here (8years). With their very professional service members I highly recommend their services.
Nicole Martinez--  We are so grateful to have a support IT team, like Rx-IT, helping us to better understand and work our IT system. Thank you Rx-IT for all you do!
Anthony Giaquinta--  Mae is absolutely the awesome, she provides nothing but proficiency added with a personal touch that made my issues disappear. Thank you Mae for doing what you do best!
Anna Hallahan--  Company responds quickly with remote or on site help. On site technician comes regularly so they get to know the customer's office members and how to respond best to them personally.
Brenda Williamson- Very pleased with the professional and timely response. I am very thankful for their CIO, Roeddel Dioquino, in particular. He is truly great to work with!
Mike McDonald- I Have worked with the Rx-IT team for years. Their team is super responsive and does a great job.
Kelly Kuber-  RX-IT is a dream to work with answer tickets quickly and find a solution to any issue I have.
Fidel Andrada--  The service and support was exemplary. They were diligent and meticulous with the project and provided a focused attention to details.
Deborah Colston--  Great customer service. Responds quickly to service request. We love our onsite techs!
Patrice Hall--  Always professional and knowledgeable. Fixed the problem and I received good information that helped me, in other words I learned something
Melvin Moore--  Great service! Always responds in a timely manner with a open line of communication! Would highly recommend.
Betty Kastelic-- This company and its employees are the very best - always smiling, always helpful, quick to respond to problems and, above all, always patient.
Jasmine Culver--  Phenomenal Customer Service: considerate, dedicated, timely, and personable. Thank guys/gals for all you do!!!
Autumn White--  Rx-IT is amazing! Quick to respond and extremely helpful!
Kathleen Martin-- Rx-IT is always on top of things, very knowledgeable and thorough.
Flora Wack--  Great service. Friendly staff. Computer or IT problems were resolved quickly.
Tisha Tomlin--  Everyone is amazing! Great customer service. Fast and efficient.
David Sweeney--  Always the nicest and most helpful people. Especially Beca!
Darius Micheal--  Very quick response! Great customer service! Amazing, professional staff!
Rece Tobias--  Dedicated support staff for on-site support. Responsive to staff requests.
Margaret Walker-- Awesome support from the Roeddel, Beca, and the team!
Adrienne W-- RX-IT is responsive and helpful!
We couldn't run our business smoothly without them.
Steven Birk-- Great to have solid support in an area you have no idea about .
Brian Scott-- Super helpful, super knowledgeable, super responsive!
Brandon Dixon--  RXIT and Roeddel are the best