Referral Program for Rx-IT's Managed IT Services

We at Rx-IT Managed IT Services Provider believe that a referral is far greater than any form of flattery. You've probably heard all about how we provide quality services to our valued clients and partners, but it's really not just them telling their friends who depend on us as well—it ranges from those being thankful because they don't have to spend another night sleeping under an pilester holding down expensive business equipment with broken parts or dealing directly with viruses causing financial loss due in part time lost productivity while trying fix problems themselves only adding onto what has already been spent without getting anything back except headaches.

The more people you send to see the doctor, the bigger your reward! You can get up $50 for every referral that requests an appointment and quote. If they end up signing on with us--you're eligible for one Visa Gift Card of $500 organization, so make sure everyone in town knows about our great service today by referring them all immediately.* There is no limit!

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*Does not include our Armor Protection packages for single users.